Taj Mahal
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Mon Nov 14, '11 10:06PM
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Media ID 20121003075034746  
Date Mon Nov 14, '11 10:06PM
Comments 4
Views 2271
Uploaded By unknown
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 Now here is a side of this place you don't see every day! Thanks for the unique abstract of a famous icon, Vita! I have never been there and this is a take on the Taj Magal that makes the enduring mystery persist for me.

This is certainly a perspective I have no recollection of seeing before now. It is a nice change of pace. The people at the lower edge of the frame provide excellent reference for scale. Nice job Vita. Keep them coming.

I agree with the above and it works well as I think you have the diagonal just right.  As so many people visit here, you see millions of pictures and hard to be creative, but you did well.  I am not sure of my monitor, and I also know this is likely sunset, but may I would give the Taj a little more pop and brighten the building with more contrast.   My 2 cents....very good post!

Thank you guys for lovely comments. I agree with you, Richard - although this picture has been taken at dawn its is a bit too dark and I will tweak a bit .