The Dung Collector
On my trip last year to the Sichuan Province in China, we went up into the remote highlands to visit areas still untouched in many ways and home to several small Tibetan style villages. In the background is a common dwelling with a woman in the foreground collecting dung for fuel. We went in October and the trees were turning.

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Sat Oct 08, '11 09:55PM
Uploaded By: Richard P Schoettger  


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Media ID 20120904053122272  
Date Sat Oct 08, '11 09:55PM
Comments 4
Views 1138
Uploaded By Richard P Schoettger
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I think the two lone trees in an area that appears to have somewhat sparse vegetation, and the low dwellings next to the river, really help to convey the sense of remoteness.

I love the segmented composition and the stacking effect of a long lens used to pull all this into a single comprehensible frame.

As always, I can't tell if it's my monitor or the site or your image, but I feel like one or two stops downward of density would serve this well.

Richard - just so you know, I have checked this image on my work PC as well as my iPhone and the above comment does not bear out there. So I guess thet rouble is my home monitor, and therefore I have no quibbles with this terrific travel image!

Ha...thanks Patrick!   I have been struggling in Manila as I have only my work PC and the less-than-desirable monitor.    After dumping my PNG pictures on the site, I am not sure I am getting many of the colors/exposures correct, so I hope to see what is happening this weekend when I am home.