Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
Originally used to carry people and supplies to the glod and silver mines of the San Juan Mountains, Colorado, this historic train has been in continuous operation for 130 years. The line between Durango and Silvertone is one of the few places in the US which has seen continuous use of steam locomotives.

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Sat Jan 03, '09 02:27PM
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Media ID 20120829090846139  
Date Sat Jan 03, '09 02:27PM
Comments 2
Views 1180
Uploaded By Alice Kabanoff
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I went on this train some years ago and remember seeing some fabulous views, especially in the bends when we could see the locomotive bellowing out smoke as it pulled the carriages up the mountain. It was a bit warmer then, very sunny in fact, nice to see the snow. Using a grad filter (either when taking the shot, or later in post processing) can give more definition of the mountain in the background.


I agree with Ruud, it's nice to see this in the snow. The top third with the mountains is a little blown out, and if there is anyway to darken that in post-processing I would recommend trying that.

I hope to see this for myself sometime!