Ridin' That Train
This image is a perfect fit for this Weekly Challenge category - in the most literal sense only! So it's only here because otherwise it would never have seen the light of day whatsoever.
I shot this almost a decade ago, of my brother-in-law and his then-current band. This was to be a promo shot for them (band name forgotten), only they never promoted anything and soon broke up.
So now it's a stylized railyard shot of a few friends - what do you think?

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Sun Nov 16, '08 06:38AM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20120822220049648  
Date Sun Nov 16, '08 06:38AM
Comments 3
Views 1136
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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Insteresting story behind that photo. A decade ago that would have been spot on for a band promo shot. Today it would be considered cliché and old. I think a shallower depth of field to blur the background some would make them better stand out, regardless of the purpose of the image. The extensive DOF makes it look more snapshot-ish to me. I'm curious to hear what others think.

Edited on Thursday, August 23 2012 @ 06:54 AM EDT by Walter

Well..in all honestly, I like the sharp and imposing background.   It brings a certain dunginess to hopefully what they are trying to portray.  If classical..they missed the mark!! :-)   I like this and can see this clearly on a cover.  Maybe I would bring out the middle two faces a little more like the guy with the hoodie!  I think one of them should have crossed their arms!  I like the look.  Rock and Roll forever.....

Thanks Walter and Richard. This railyard happened to be next to the studio where they were recording that day, and it was by far the most picturesque setting available. I just improvised by shooting half the frames on the tracks and half on a random loading dock! And, even ten years ago, I felt like these poses were pretty cliche. But you get what you pay for! (and I did this gratis of course)

Great advice Richard about the two faces in the middle being brought out. I also love the concept of one of them mixing up the posing a bit too with crossed arms - though I really hope I never do this sort of shoot again! It's not for me. Too much work, not enough comfort level, pretty much no reward!