Walfridus bridge
A train is passing the Walfridus railway bridge near Groningen, Netherlands

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Tue Mar 09, '10 02:15PM
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Media ID 20120822133129584  
Date Tue Mar 09, '10 02:15PM
Comments 7
Views 1244
Uploaded By unknown
Aperture Value f//2.8
Artist Reinier Treur
Copyright (c) Reinier Treur / Bureau Bijschrift
Date/Time Tue Mar 09, '10 02:15PM
EXIF Image Height 798 pixels
EXIF Image Width 1200 pixels
Exposure Bias 1.33 EV
Flash No Flash
Focal Length 20 mm
ISO 200
Make Nikon Corporation
Metering Mode Pattern
Model NIKON D700
Sensing Method One Chip Color Area Sensor
Shutter Speed Value 1/0 sec
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One word. WOW!

The movement of the train kills!

Editor, Travel Photographers Network


Welcome as I do not think I have seen your work before.   Excellent colorful image with lots of dynamics to it.  I love the graffetti as well and interesting as in the Netherlands.  You were in an interesting position of this as being so close and this vantage point really adds to the sense of speed.  Well done.

Hello and welcome to TPN!

You nailed this shot through two key decisions: the one-second shutter speed, and the blue hour timing. The red and white blur of the train against the gradations of blue dusk are terrific! And it's so intriguing how the distant horizon still has lights showing through - I am assuming maybe gaps between the railcars allowed this?

Anyway it's a very captivating image and certainly an impressive debut on this website. Sure hope to see more from you!

I'm guessing this was longer than 1 second, but the TPN site software isn't reporting it correcting. I have opened a bug report about that. We have other examples here on TPN. I love this image. The framing is spot on. It wholly uses the right edge of the frame for the exiting train, and the sky and bridge make an interesting diagonal through the frame. Must have been a tripod shot given the sharpness of the bridge and handrail in the lower left.

All, thanks for your kind comments and welcome. I'm indeed new to TPN, and intend to be around more often.

@ Richard: I was indeed very close, as I bended over the handrail to get the right angle for the shot, and I was surpised by the air-pressure of the passing train, which almost blew me away completely.

@ Patrick: Not quite sure what you mean by "the distant horizon still has lights showing through", but you might be right that the white lines effect is caused by gaps between the carriages.

@ Walter: I have obviously no experience with the correctness of the TPN software regarding shutter speed, but in this case it is correct: I uses a one second exposure time. You're right, I uses a tripod, and actually I place two of its three legs between the handrail and the railroad.

Hi Reinier. Thanks for your response. I think the lights of the horizon that Patrick mentioned are reflected in the red area of the train just below the windows. That is one stable train for those lights to be so sharp over a 1 second exposure. I imagine it must have been thrilling to stand that close to the train as it sped by you. Great image. We look forward to seeing more.

 This is an excellent shot and a very good use of a 20mm lens.

The lights are a reflection on the train as you could never see between the carriages at that angle.

Also the railings on the side are visible