One of the Best Travel Things I Have Done
One of the absolute highlights for me on the recent trip to PNG, was to take my Canon Selphy printer with battery. Although another item to lug around, the rewards were beyond my expectations. I was able to do things that normally are hard to do as I asked different tribes if they would want a print of their group (usually through an interpretor). I was able to capture group images of the tribes and then sit with them as I printed their image. The sights and sounds of watching them see their image print on this little machine was priceless. I got more smiles and gained so many friends as I continued throughout the festivals. I probably shot over 30 tribes in this way. On the second day of the Mt Hagan show, tourists were coming up to me and saying.."Oh, you are the printer guy!". The ability to get in close with each tribe and share this with them was something I will never forget.

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Sat Aug 11, '12 03:39PM
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Media ID 20120819205423905  
Date Sat Aug 11, '12 03:39PM
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Uploaded By Richard P Schoettger
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Fascinating, Richard. Those prints may offer them a seldom opportunity to see themselves as others see them. I love that story. Perhaps Sarah can use it for the project she mentioned over in her "Inspring Stories?" post in the forums.

I love this concept and someday when I'm not dragging three kids around to my destinations...well, by then I'll probably be able to blue-tooth the image right over to the PNG tribe leader!

Whatever my own future looks like, I do admire your approach to this type of travel and how intrepid you are, my friend!