Mommy with one of two little ones
I was at Pisgah Marsh, Indiana, trying to find a some cool shade with a breeze when this doe and her twins showed up, I was never able to get a picture will all three together.

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Tue Aug 07, '12 03:19PM
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Media ID 20120807192226824  
Date Tue Aug 07, '12 03:19PM
Comments 2
Views 873
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Date/Time Tue Aug 07, '12 03:19PM
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 Hi John - you did well to get any shots of them!  Deer always seem to escape whilst I am changing lenses (the curse of using a wider angle most of the time!)

It's a shame that the focus seems to have locked infront of the animals though, there is pin sharp foliage and slightly soft subjects.

Magical moment though!

I noticed the focus being sharper on the left of the picture with the Fawns head being slightly blurred as if it moved. I still love the overall shot even with the imperfection.