The Monument
Safdarjung Tomb

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Wed Mar 14, '12 09:46PM
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Media ID 20120803141138650  
Date Wed Mar 14, '12 09:46PM
Comments 3
Views 4061
Uploaded By unknown
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I asked my sister if she recognised this and she did. She was in Dehli for 3 years until a recent accident forced her to move back here to the states. I like the color you have in the image, other views of this location look bland in comparison. From what I have seen, this tomb is a huge building. I hope you have more images from this location.

I really like the way you have managed to bring out the colors without loosing the natural colors.  I struggled for a long time getting the Dome of the Rock correct.

If those birds on the second spire are real, that's one hell of a capture from a timing perspective! Love the color too as noted above.