Ashes to Ashes
Funeral pyre on the bank of the Bagmati river in Nepal.
According to the Nepalese Hindu tradition, the dead body must be dipped three times into the Bagmati river before cremation. The chief mourner (usually the eldest son) who lights the funeral pyre must take a holy river-water bath immediately after cremation. Many relatives who join the funeral procession also take a bath in the Bagmati River or sprinkle the holy water on their bodies at the end of cremation

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Tue Apr 20, '04 01:39AM
Uploaded By: Alice Kabanoff  


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Media ID 20120803083403295  
Date Tue Apr 20, '04 01:39AM
Comments 4
Views 1180
Uploaded By Alice Kabanoff
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I like your perspective showing both the old buildings in the background and the river in the fore. I have been told that photography of such ceremonies is forbidden. Myself, I appreciate the image being I see this very rarely. If were me I'd clone out the white basket close to the left border as it draws the eye too much.

Alice - I have never seen a ceremony like this and I appreciate you posting this image of it. For me the B&W treatment feels perfect - not that I'd be disinterested in color too, but the texture is so different this way. Having never seen this ritual before I love having a broad cross-section to view. I bet a few closer views would add to this well for a great photo essay, if you ever get some free time ;-)

Thanks !

 I was there with some Nepali friends and nobody seemed to think pictures were forbidden, as long as you kept a respectful distance of course (well, I wouldn't have wanted to go any closer anyway, the smell of the burning body was already almost too much at that distance). Wil do for the basket though ! And I'll see what I can do for closer shots. 

Alice...nice approach with mono for this ceremony.  Sharp too.  As being there in the past and prior to really taking up photography, I appreciate your comments here as I felt very challenged at the time to shoot these shots.  I felt I was intruding spiritually...although I would certainly do as you did and take this with respect.   Excellent portrayal...