Behind Blue Eyes
During the last St Patrick's Parade in Dublin. She looked very pensive behind her bright blue eyes...

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Sat Mar 17, '12 10:11AM
Uploaded By: Alice Kabanoff  


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Media ID 20120801065714729  
Date Sat Mar 17, '12 10:11AM
Comments 4
Views 1002
Uploaded By Alice Kabanoff
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Great capture and she is probably thinking how to get all that makeup off.  Beautiful eyes and I think you can even bring them out more, darken the surroundings and really pull the eye into face a little more.   The upper right is a bit distracting, but can be remedied.  I like her hair too.  Well positioned with her eyes looking off the open right side of the image.  Good job. 

 Great title Alice, and even better shot. As an Irishman I am compelled by the idea of visiting Ireland on St. Patrick's Day. Must be like visiting Munich during Oktoberfest or Trinidad during Carnival.

But I bet all that green in the BG is Americans! Beautiful portrait, your subject is mesmerizing.

 I don't know about Munich or Trinidad (but I wouldn't say no to that), but after having lived in Ireland for two years, I can say that fortunately St Patrick's day stayed a very "national" holiday. Of course, the streets of Temple Bar are swarming with tourists, but the rest of Dublin (and especially for the parade) gets also invaded by Irish families. And the festival actually lasts for two weeks, whereas tourists usually come only for a few days, so a lot of the activities leading up to the 17th are still mostly enjoyed by locals. And as for the nationality of tourists, sure there's plenty of Americans but Ireland is becoming more and more popular with Europeans too (for example I kept hearing French people like me everywhere...). Anyway, there's still plenty of craic to have on St Paddy's day in Dublin !

An Irish bartender in DC told me once that only Americans think green is associated with Saint Patrick's Day! Perhaps we've convinced a few continentals as well.

He also explained the concept of craic to me, pronouncing it "crack" and explaining it means good times. I told him America has a number of different concepts of that term as well ;-)