A manager from Franklin tower
17th Floor, Flanklin Tower, La Defense. With E-TTL radio triggers, it is possible to set the slave flash regardless of master flash placement . Even better, it overcomes the obstacles to a maximum distance of 15 meters. Since I purchased these toys, I experience fanciful shots to measure its potential. I decided, then, to photograph a consultant through the wall of Franklin Tower.

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Tue Jul 24, '12 11:23AM
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Media ID 20120724112313951  
Date Tue Jul 24, '12 11:23AM
Comments 4
Views 5907
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Nice portrait.Good idea using the slaves.

Her shadow is good but I maybe would have moved her a little from the wall so that the shadow would be stronger/HEAVIER 

Thus giving a feeling of being bigger( BOSS)


I really like this image and how you composed it.  The lines from the left lower corner moving out with her above them along with the sense of what is surrounding her.  A lot of creativity here.  The only thing I would say is to actually bring the dark sections of her face out a little more so your eye goes there easier.  My 2 cents....Thanks and great ideas to express here on TPN with lighting.

Having the young lady in the scene adds warmth and character to an otherwise cold glass and steel picture I like the contrasts and the reflections

Serge, great use of your radio triggers. Great placement of the mode, and I love the look on her face (like she knows something I don't). My only suggestion would have been to have the flash set higher so that her shadow is reduced and doesn't tower above her.