Child with her mother (Jodhpur, India)
Canon 5D, 70mm, 1/160 à f/2,8 - 100ISO
Childhood is the age of curiosity and wonder. In France, when I walk with my young my daughter, she observes with a force and insistence that impresses me.
She looks male or female, talk to them using their eyes. Maybe she also sees angels or wizards that I can not see.

At Jodhpur, the Indian child saw me as his mother is focusing on its way. Children are not blind ...

Photo : Serge Bouvet
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Sat Jul 14, '12 07:03PM
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Media ID 20120714190301381  
Date Sat Jul 14, '12 07:03PM
Comments 3
Views 7105
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I cannot articulate why, but I'm always drawn to photographs of children looking back like this. I think it is their captivation and curiosity with the camera. The eyes turned looking right at you really speaks to me. I like the composition against the right edge of the frame such that the little boy is facing into the frame and the open space on the left is providing the environmental context. I also like the hand clasping the mother's garment showing that bond and the dependence upon the parent at this age.

Editor, Travel Photographers Network

I agree with Walter - nothing creates a personal "slice of life" more than this type of pose. It is very powerful and hard to look away from. Congrats on this capture, Serge!

I was wondering if any selective sharpening might increase the starkness that you have achieved. It is a wonderful photograph.

I love the fact that you have decided to shoot / edit in B&W. I think this enhances the power of child's  emotion not allowing the viewer to be distracted by the colour that India is so rich of.