Portrait of peasan from Jodhpur (India)
Canon 5D, 50mm, 1/400 à f/1,4 - 100ISO

Photo : Serge Bouvet
From : http://sergebouvet.com/galerie-2/vision-du-rajasthan/

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Thu Jul 12, '12 04:40AM
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Media ID 20120712044012874  
Date Thu Jul 12, '12 04:40AM
Comments 5
Views 7410
Uploaded By unknown
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This is an excellent street portrait. I find the depth of field a bit too shallow for my taste, but at least the eyes are sharp (the most important part in a portrait).

Editor, Travel Photographers Network

I find it strange how the eyers are sharp and the chin is not (being in the same depth plain) and then the nose is sharp too.  I think post editing blurring is too much.  I might be seeing it wrong on my monitor.  I agree that depth of field achieved (with f1.4 or post editing blurring) is a bit too shallow.

Hi, thank you for your comment.
I'm agree with you, the aperture is too much.

Welcome to TPN, Serge! This is a great first submission, a very arresting portrait.

I really like the intimate composition and also the vibrant color scheme.

Nonetheless, I think this might even be more arresting in black and white. Have you tried that on this image?

Hi, thank you very much.
I've just try black and white : 

Is it better in your opinion ?

Best regards from Paris