Misty New Orleans
Lone cyclist in the morning mist on the Mississippi River, NOLA.

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Mon Mar 16, '09 07:32PM
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Media ID 20120525115456199  
Date Mon Mar 16, '09 07:32PM
Comments 3
Views 1817
Uploaded By unknown
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On a technical note it looks a little tilted to the right. I would straighten it. I like the black & white treatment. It enhances the mood. The mist really conveys the humidity that one must have felt standing there. I can imagine bringing a camera out of an air-conditioned room into that humid air and instantly seeing the lens and viewfinder fog up until they warmed up to air temperature.

 I just love the feeling in this shot. Smile

Avi - can you say more about that? What "feeling" does the image convey? What aspects of the image give you that feeling? Is it the black and white treatment? Is it the mist in the air? Is it the desolation with so few people in it? Is it the tones in the images? I'm really interested in getting more detailed critiques that impart more info both to the photographer and to the other readers who can learn from the critiques.