Full Moon, Golden Gate
The 'super moon' of May. Went to this location to shoot the moon and met up with at least 100 other photographers there for the same purpose. Would have been nice to have a little atmosphere.. but you get what you get. It was a nice event nonetheless!

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Sat May 05, '12 09:02PM
Uploaded By: Sarah Clarehart  


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Media ID 20120506032204299  
Date Sat May 05, '12 09:02PM
Comments 3
Views 1721
Uploaded By Sarah Clarehart
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I like what you came away with. The red/gold works great with the purple/blue of the sky. The reflected light of the moon and bridge give interesting layers to the bay too.

You came away with a great shot. Well done.

I missed the "super moon", but photographed the full moon in April. I went to a spot in Seattle where the moon was to rise next to the Space Needle. When I scouted the site in the afternoon, there was no one there. When I came back after sunset, there were probably 50 photographers there. Sounds like it was similar for you.