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Remnants of Native American cultures in central Arizona near Gila Bend.

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Fri Jun 11, '10 08:18AM
Uploaded By: Bob Miller  


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Media ID 20120408082041828  
Date Fri Jun 11, '10 08:18AM
Comments 3
Views 1434
Uploaded By Bob Miller
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Bob .. I really like the balance you have struck between the natural and fill light here. The colors in the sky are medium to dark toned and rich, yet the rocks in the foreground don't appear overly lit with fill light. Nicely done. Did you do anything special in post processing or did you apply these great skills during capture to balance this all out so well?

Thanks Walter. I used an off camera slave flash for fill, you can see some shadow from the foreground rock. I also used the shadow/highlight slider a little bit to taste. This probably isn't one of my favorites but it meets the theme and was unposted to TPN.

Not one of your favorites? I love this shot Bob, great sky and good use of fill flash.