This young male leopard was sleeping and hiding in the high grasses at Okonjima, the home of the Africat Foundation, until it was awakened by my sneezing, and looked at us straight into our eyes.

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Date Thu Feb 15, '07 10:58AM
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Keywords Africa, Africat, Animal, carnivore, cat, chui, Felidae, leopard, leopardo, luipaard, luiperd, mammal, Namibia, nature, Okonjima, Otjiwarongo, Panthera pardus, panthère, safari, wildlife
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Image Description Okonjima, Namibia 2007
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IPTC: Keywords Africa; Africat; Felidae; Namibia; Okonjima; Otjiwarongo; Panthera pardus; Places geographical; carnivore; cat; chui; leopard; leopardo; luipaard; luiperd; mammal; nature; panthre; safari; wildlife
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