Looking up!
I know this a little "artsy fartsy" for some of you. But I really love this image.. hope you do too. This was taken at the end of a long hike I took last Sunday near my home (still so excited that there is so much forest so close to home now). I hiked to the top of a ridge to see a waterfall.. and it was pretty dry. I remembered Ruud's advice "don't forget to look up"! And there it was.. this lone beautiful tree on the ridge with the sunlight pouring through the branches. Thanks Ruud! :)

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Thu Mar 15, '12 02:57AM
Uploaded By: Sarah Clarehart  


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Media ID 20120315025753879  
Date Thu Mar 15, '12 02:57AM
Comments 4
Views 1671
Uploaded By Sarah Clarehart
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 I like it, very soothing hue !

That is an utterly fantastic shot!  Love it entirely :-)

This really gives off a subtle/quiet feel. It does seem a tad cramped as for a stand alone image, but would work great for a book cover or intro to a peice of writing.

 Sarah wonderfull

The green people will love this Wink