Pygmy Owl
Pygmy owl captured on the border of Lago Grey in Torres del Paine NP, Chile.

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Media ID 20120313234450305  
Date Wed Jan 25, '12 04:44PM
Comments 3
Views 9649
Keywords Austral pygmy owl, caburé grande, Chevêchette des Andes, Chile, chuncho, dwerguil, Glaucidium nanum, Lago Grey, owl, Patagonia, south america, strigidae, strigiformes, Torres del Paine NP, uil
Uploaded By Karin De Winter
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What a great posture. I think it could use a little bit of sharpening to make the feathers a little more crisp. Lovely, blurred background and excellent off center placement.

 I agree with Walter

Is this cropped or does he have feet/talons.


Thanks a lot, Walter and Avi, for your highly appreciated comments. It is a pygmy owl, and it has got very tiny feet underneath its feathers; in fact you can see part of its nail at the bottom of the image. I felt we had to crop this image as the owl landed on the most ugly piece of wood you could imagine. A vertical crop including that wood did nothing really for esthetics. The downside of the crop is that its tail has been left out, which we realize is a drawback and not regarded as optimal from the point of view of bird photographers. Best regards, Karin.

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