Stone Snakes
On Inishmore, the largest of the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland. The fields are divided by several thousand miles of "drystone" wall (made without mortar, thus allowing farmers who want to move stock to dismantle and rebuild the walls easily). On a clear day as this one, we can even see in the distance the Twelve Bens mountain range situated in Connemara.

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Sun Jun 05, '11 08:57AM
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Media ID 20120313134412919  
Date Sun Jun 05, '11 08:57AM
Comments 3
Views 1665
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Well done! I feel the sense of space and scale, and the breeze blowing. Excellent clouds make the sky pleasing and balanced. I might play with the white balance as it looks a tad blue, but that could also be the color calibration not being perfect on my iPad. :-)

 I think that is Inish Mor - love the place!  Did you go out to the ship wreck?


Lovely shot, reminds me of a good time spent there - I should have been back in a couple of weeks from now but circumstances have got in the way.  Perhaps 2013....

Inis Mhór is the Gaelic spelling, Inishmore is the English equivalent. 

No I didn't see the shipwreck because it was on Inisheer and I just stayed on Inishmore, but going back to the Aran Islands is definitely on my list now that I'm back in Ireland !