Seattle Sunset
The skyline of Seattle with the Space Needle, Mt. Rainier, and an early moonrise from Kerry Park.

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Sat Aug 25, '07 01:40PM
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Media ID 20120309123517802  
Date Sat Aug 25, '07 01:40PM
Comments 2
Views 1673
Uploaded By unknown
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I am looking how modern this city is compared to the one of Jerusalem I posted.

Love that morning light and the snow capped Mt Rainier in the B/G

A classic view around these parts! I've been up to Kerry Park a couple times, but Mt. Rainier was not visible either of them. I'll have to get up there again when the Mountain is out; it's just a little too far of a drive to just go anytime however. I like how you've tried to keep the moon in this shot, but it has too much sky for my tastes. I think it might look better with the moon and much of sky cropped out.