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I took a drive out to Napa Valley this past Monday (my birthday!) to see the mustard fields that I had read and heard about. Really beautiful! I need to go back, arrive earlier... I got a little lost on the way. Can't wait to go back for the autumn harvest too! (Oh, and perhaps take the time for a little wine tasting.)

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Thu Feb 23, '12 02:23PM
Uploaded By: Sarah Clarehart  


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Media ID 20120223112349194  
Date Thu Feb 23, '12 02:23PM
Comments 4
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Keywords Mustard, Napa, Vineyards, California, winter, yellow
Uploaded By Sarah Clarehart
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Very nice Sarah. I remember all the mustard fields growing up in California. I like the small gap in the mustard plants in your comp- it adds some depth and in the field.

Thanks Bob.. that was what I was looking for. You see.. I have learned a lot from you guys!


You should get lost more often Wink

Looks like you are going to have fun in the new area

Thanks Avi! Indeed I am! Kids off to college tellin what mama will be up to next!