We had come to the end of our stay in the Serengeti and had not seen any lions close-up. Our driver/guide said he had one last spot to check out on the way back. We approached the outcrop op rocks and quietly moved around a couple of big rocks and there they were: a whole pride of lions. They were very relaxed and snoozing, obviously had a kill that morning. They looked like the definition of contentment. There were a few cubs playing and harassing their mothers. It was a lovely scene and the thought of getting out of the vehicle and stroking these cats came into my head, very, very briefly...

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Tue Jan 01, '08 07:03AM
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Media ID 20120221153631118  
Date Tue Jan 01, '08 07:03AM
Comments 4
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Uploaded By Ruud van Ruitenbeek
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Nice light and nice pose.  It's too bad about the branch intruding into the lion's face.  Anyway, I hope that I'll be able to do as well when I go to South Africa in August.

I agree about the little branch, but I was not going to go out of the car to remove it!!

I really like the feel of this image. I get the impression that we are peeping in on the big cat during a solitary nap.

 He is dreaming about eating a photographer Wink

Love the shot