Love Locks
Following a practice more and more common across Europe and the world (France, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Korea...), couples affix padlocks to a bridge and then throw the key in the river beneath to symbolize their everlasting love. Those are an example from Graz in Austria.

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Tue Jan 10, '12 03:06AM
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Media ID 20120218214624880  
Date Tue Jan 10, '12 03:06AM
Comments 3
Views 1048
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Interesting practice. I've never heard of it. Hopefully my wife won't either, otherwise I'll go broke buying padlocks! Concerning your image Alice, the blown out sky is a problem. Often when the sky is blown out like this, it can be best to compose without the sky in the frame. In this case, I think if you had concentrated on a smaller set of locks, without any sky, the image may have been more effective - both compositionally and for "telling" the story of the locks. I like the set of locks in the lower central part of the image. Cropping down to just those, perhaps with just the river water in the background, may be effective.

Good advice and comment by Joe, though I like the image as is and don't feel the sky hurts much here being that the central theme is the locks and not the landscape. Thanks for the education on this interesting expression of love.

 Interesting trivia and photo Smile