Cataract Falls IX
One of the best hikes in Marin County, CA (my new home!) I arrived here just about a week ago. It's been a busy time leading up to the move, but I believe I'll have lots more time for photography now. Looking forward to getting back in the swing of things at TPN... I've missed you guys!

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Date Mon Feb 06, '12 02:57PM
Comments 2
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Keywords waterfalls, lush, green, redwoods, water, forest, waterfall, California
Uploaded By Sarah Clarehart
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Welcome back! What a striking shot of green color. Wonderful movement in the water too.

Editor, Travel Photographers Network

 Sarah Welcome back/home

Great to see your name appearing on photographs again.

Good luck in the new home

From this photo it looks like you are going to have a good time there  Smile