taken in Mozambique, I had tried for ages to photograph this guy with the 'correct' lens. I eventually gave up, put on a wide angle lens and was walking to the beach when he lit on the branch infront of me and stayed there while I came within a meter of him... strange

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Tue May 18, '10 03:44AM
Uploaded By: Andrew Brown  


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Media ID 20120206101814383  
Date Tue May 18, '10 03:44AM
Comments 2
Views 950
Uploaded By Andrew Brown
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 I sent him a mail to behave when he sees you next time Wink

Nice shot try adding a little contrast

Thanks Avi,

it'll be a while before I see that one again...  added contrast on my work screen, but then it goes too dark on my laptop... and I think my laptop colour is more reliable... but when it does improve it a tad, thanks..