Magellanic Horned Owl 2
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Tue Dec 27, '11 04:04PM
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Media ID 20120111235154886  
Date Tue Dec 27, '11 04:04PM
Comments 5
Views 6311
Keywords Birds,wildlife,Fauna
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Good job getting in so close. I have only seen owls twice in the wild and am always amazed by them. I like this vertical better than the horizontal posted.

 Thank you Bob !

She was posing for me ..... obviously........ wanting to pass to eternity ! Smile)

Very seldom you have such oppotunity with this kind of nocturnal creatures

I agree with you that the vertical one is the best..... ( I have many other pictures as well )......... as it reflects better the wisdom of the owl and reveals a more philosophical mood of that moment


I like both shots.

My only problem is that the colour is out.

I copied the photo and corrected the colour on my computer

and what a difference.

Whith your permission I will put it up or send it to you to see Wink





Edited on Monday, January 16 2012 @ 08:04 AM EST by AVIBRAM

 Avi, no problem ....go ahead !

I appreciate that !Smile)


You are 100% right..... I checked the colors too.... they are way out !  As I was on the move with my small Vaio and ipad, I didnt realize that, also because broadcasting for instagram needs, sometimes you got to have it that way 

Anyway, I am posting a third one which also I like