Perito Moreno Glacier 3
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Fri Dec 23, '11 08:49AM
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Media ID 20120111000605421  
Date Fri Dec 23, '11 08:49AM
Comments 2
Views 939
Uploaded By unknown
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It took me a few seconds to notice them, but the people in the lower left corner provide excellent sense of scale. Incredible. Good to see a few whispy clouds in the sky too.

 Thank you Walter

Indeed the magnitude of the Glacier is AMAZING ! If you noticed in the other picture with the wide angle lens there are some little tiny people at the center of the foreground as well!

The beauty of that frozen formation is stunning ! It looks like time has an eternal rest........... interrupted only when huge junks of ice colapse into the lake......just to remind, that time is in an eternal  slow motion instead 

Thank you for your comment