Amsterdam by way of canal boat
One of the countless forms water transportation found throughout the canals of Amsterdam, NL.

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Thu Nov 03, '11 11:10AM
Uploaded By: Jeremy Renkel  


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Media ID 20120110210703978  
Date Thu Nov 03, '11 11:10AM
Comments 2
Views 1118
Uploaded By Jeremy Renkel
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Jeremy - great to see you back and posting again. We missed you!

This is great! I love the context of the background with the brilliant sunlight providing a warm, inviting feel. Certainly makes me want to be there.

It's not like that at the moment, Walter. Like here in the UK it has been grey and drizzling, with the occasional storm thrown in. It's getting me down, but fortunately I'm going to Tunisia next Friday.

A canal boat trip is a good way to get a first impression of Amsterdam.