On the use of snow.... and Happy New Year TPN members !
More than a real submission to this challenge, this picture is my way to wish you all a happy new year and the best of luck for 2012, may it be filled with champagne and snow (more of the former than of the latter of course) !

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Mon Jul 16, '07 05:14AM
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Media ID 20120108104534657  
Date Mon Jul 16, '07 05:14AM
Comments 4
Views 1283
Uploaded By unknown
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And a Happy New Year to you too! Excellent champaigne!

Editor, Travel Photographers Network
I love this snap !!! Lovely in the snow .... Smile

and you have illustrated that in the best possible way... may 2012 also be a fantastic year for you..

Now this really fits the challenge theme! Nice work Alice! And thank you so much for the good wishes!