Emmanuel "Eman" Lacoste getting into position for the set of rock climbing images in Youngshou China.
In the mid 1980s, I picked up my first camera, a Pentax K100. That camera was almost a constant companion. A year later, I took up rock climbing and started to record my climbing adventure on Kodachrome 64. After trips, I would share trip report with family, freinds and other climbers via slideshows.

Like my gear, my photography and climbing has evolved over the last couple decades. I now shoot digital and share trip report with magazines, blogs, and the occasional presentation. While I still love to shoot climbing, I also enjoy shooting local culture.

In the last decade, I've live in Japan, China, and currently Indonesia. Being based in Indonesia means that I have easy access to the rest of SOuth East Asia. The entire region is rich in culture and a radical state of flux. On the climbing front, South East Asia is rapidly developing as the winter destination.


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Welcome Eman! Great picture!

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