Sunset Jogging
Taken from the balcony of my home in Normandy last summer. Watching the sun set on the sea every night is a family tradition ! This is a very isolated place and at that time of the day, this beach is usually only frequented by seagulls, jockey and their horses, and occasional joggers.

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Mon Jul 25, '11 02:13PM
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Media ID 20120102150034166  
Date Mon Jul 25, '11 02:13PM
Comments 4
Views 1242
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Great color! It's too bad the jogger on the right fades into the dark area of the beach.

Yes, it was bothering me too and I re-worked on it to fix that. I replaced the picture but it seems like TPN always takes some time to really replace the image. Hopefully it will work !

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That works much better, good fix!

 Just a thought, wonder if you shot this in raw and you had hdr software could you adjust this then hdr it.....  then crop it  I bet it would be stunning, maybe cropped as a panoramic....  Just a thought...  good composition.