Arizona High Country
This is a shot from my trip to the eastern side of the state, near the New Mexico border. The elevation here was over 8000 ft.

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Tue Apr 27, '10 03:53PM
Uploaded By: Bob Miller  


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Media ID 20111220100658959  
Date Tue Apr 27, '10 03:53PM
Comments 4
Views 1209
Uploaded By Bob Miller
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Very nice color and exposure.  I like the leading line of the highway and the great cloud formations.

One of my internal draws to an image is to get the feeling of being there and experiencing what the photographer was going through.  WIth this, I immediately felt the cool breeze, fresh air (does not exist in Singapore) and sun, along with the smell fo the outdoors.   So...thanks for that Joe as really like the colors, the composition and the freshness this illustrated.  Wonderful shot.  

Lovely outdoor shot and you can see the clean crisp air,

This reminds me a lot of  Sourth African Scenery  Smile

I'm with Avi, I would have guessed this was Africa! It is a very pleasing and balanced image, especially since it apparently is just a single exposure.

The white clouds against the white highway stripe is what draws me in here. Nice work, Bob!