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Last year I was on business in Shanghai and stayed the weekend. I went out to capture some of the surrounds and was very happy to capture this character as I shot this from my hip....and only had one shot at it. I had not seen this type of character in China and so was very intrigued. I decided to go heavy on the Tonal Contrast in Color Efx Pro to get this texture. I have struggled with this for some time playing around..including mono. At this time (it always changes), this is what I like and would like to hear any critique of this.

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Mon Dec 19, '11 06:37AM
Uploaded By: Richard P Schoettger  


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Media ID 201112191942178  
Date Mon Dec 19, '11 06:37AM
Comments 9
Views 1471
Uploaded By Richard P Schoettger
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I love what you have done here.

Lovely portrait

Whish this were mine  Wink

I usually take issue with photos that are obviously very over-processed, but in this case I think that your processing worked extremely well.  I love the effect that you got here, and I think that it enhances the appearance of your subject quite nicely.

Richard, I like the image and processing very much. You've done a great job. The amount of contrast works well with this subject.

 Truely amazing ! He looks straight out of a comics. I like his nonchalant yet intense look.

Thanks all.   I tried every filter under the sun to make this work in a way I liked.  The image as is is not bad, but wanted the drama of the character to me enriched.   I did try severl B&W....never happy.   I plan to print on canvas when I get back to USA too.  

 I rather like it Richard... may have to look into that software myself at some stage!  The processing works really nicely on this photograph so I have no issues with the heavy handedness what so ever.  Good work!

Hiya Richard,

I really like this, and I think that the processing makes it stand out for me... at first I thought you had tried a portrait in HDR and played with the sliders...

in your processing you have brought him more to life..

While I like the presentation here, I would sure be interested in seeing a straight editorial presentation too. I imagine that would be an equally strong portrait for different reasons.

Editor, Travel Photographers Network

 Speaks VOLUMES!  Keep 'em coming....