Ruins of a Jain temple
Ruins of the Jain temple demolished by the Mughal Invader Qutb-uddin Aibek, and the same material was used to build the Qutb Minar (standing tall today in New Delhi). The broken walls of the temple now are abode to a variety of birds, including parrots and kingfisher !

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Sun Nov 27, '11 05:06PM
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Media ID 20111219114138458  
Date Sun Nov 27, '11 05:06PM
Comments 2
Views 1058
Uploaded By unknown
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Namrata, I almost didn't see those kingfishers until viewing the image larger than the thumbnail. Their color against the background is magical!

Maybe try cropping this image to isolate that feature? It's a real winner.

 Thank you Patrick, yes I will try that for sure Smile