Pied Kingfisher
I have tried for ages to get a decent shot of a pied kingfisher in, they've either always been too far away, bad light, weather or just too quick for me.. :-)

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Sat Dec 17, '11 04:03AM
Uploaded By: Andrew Brown  


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Media ID 2011121715351364  
Date Sat Dec 17, '11 04:03AM
Comments 5
Views 1529
Uploaded By Andrew Brown
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 with all respect to Avi as he always gets the action shots with the birds, I am purely happy to have got this fellow contemplating life..

You definitely nailed this one, Andrew. I like your comment that he is contemplating life ;-) This is a beautiful bird and your exposure has isolated him very tightly here.

Patience my man patience .These birds if you stay back a little and observe you will see that they do a fishing circle of the area they are in.

In other words they return normally to the same spot every 10-20 min.

Also when they catch a fish they normally fly to a specific spot to eat quietly( normally if it is a biggish fish) if small its on the spot

A nice catch.What lenses are you using for this.??

Thanks Avi, I have to admit patience isn't my strongest point.....

re this picture, I was using a 70-200mm f2.8 IS with a 2X extender, focal was 400mm and I have cropped the picture by about 50%..



Excellent Andrew.  One of my favorite birds too when I was in Africa.  You captured him well and the sharpness is very good.   Only thing for me was the bright green in the lower left was a little bright and brought my eye down there...maybe think of calming that down???