Autumn Colors at Jiuzhai Gou Park
Taken on my last trip to the Sichuan Province of China. It was cloudy for much of the morning until the sun finally popped through at a great time. Among the THOUSANDS of Chinese tourists, I was able to snap this off and their National Parks actually do a great job at keeping the crowds on protected and confined areas, but emphasize confine! This was at Five Flower Lake in the park.

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Wed Oct 19, '11 07:31AM
Uploaded By: Richard P Schoettger  


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Media ID 20111216191154736  
Date Wed Oct 19, '11 07:31AM
Comments 5
Views 982
Uploaded By Richard P Schoettger
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That water is unbelievable, especially in the largest viewing size. The only nit I have is where that little "V" sliver of sky reflects off the water. It is a little bit distracting. Otherwise very nice.

Beautifull reflection and colour.

I agree with Walter the light coming in at the bottom righ tis very distracting

And I would personally crop it from the bottom just above where the light is reflecting to also remove that stone in the water


The surface of the water is amazingly clear and actually bisects the whole composition in two vitual planes underneath the glass table surface ( this is what my eyes see ) and one above it !

I love it and I want to look into it with exploratory mood continuously.......and this is where the success of this composition lies

The folliage of the trees  at the background resembles to me a lot with a sitting flower cashpeau on a huge glass top of the imaginery table that I talked about

I agree that the triangular lit spot at the foreground, is spoiling the imaculate calmness of the wet portion, but I am ready to digest it in order to retain as much surface as possible of it

In that sense i wouldnt crop it 

Very nice refreshing shot !

Thanks all for you comments.   Truly appreciate the fresh eyes as the triangle at the bottom had not been that noticable to me.   In some ways, it brings uniformity to the image to compliment the pass in the mountains in the upper half as I see this as a pure reflection, but then, I do also see it is somewhat distracting.  So, I would like to just post the new image in the comments without taking up a space in the do you do  yours?  Or anyone else who reads can you insert an image here???   I looked at the Insert/Edit Image, but did not see how that worked!   :-)





I have never before seen canary yellow leaves reflected in turquois water, and I like the color rhyme that it offers.