Alice Kabanoff - In Hiding...
I thought it was time to introduce myself too !
I just turned 24 years old and I'm currently finishing my Master in Anthropology. I'm originally from France, I grew up in the beautiful region of Normandy (my heart will forever stay in its long empty beaches, tormented by strong winds and raging waves) but I also moved a lot after, in France (Strasbourg, Lyon) and abroad. I lived and worked for one year in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and probably found a part of my soul in its snowy hills and dark nights. I also studied in New York and forged my dreams in its crowded streets and busy subways. I worked in Tunisia and fell under the spell of its mysterious and colorful alleys. I moved to Ireland for my research and was charmed by the ragged coasts and serene pastures. And I finally went to Vienna to feed my mind on melodious notes and intricate canvas, and this is where I'm writing from now.
I was very fortunate in my life to have a really international family (I have folks from the US to Japan) and parents who loved travelling more than anything and passed on the virus to me. Leaving their guidance early, I went on to live my own adventures and explored Asia avidly (Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, China...), discovered some parts of Africa (Burkina Faso, Morocco, Tunisia...), wandered all around Europe (Russia, UK, Italy, Germany, Poland, Bosnia, Croatia, and so many others) and also crossed the pond (USA, Canada, Mexico). Fortunately, the world is a big place and I still have much to see !
From early on, I like photography : my first camera was probably a disposable one when I was five but I didn't upgrade that much since then as I'm mainly relying on my compact digital camera now (Panasonic DMC-TZ10). I've always been taking pictures but I recently started to get much more passionate about it, hence my participation to TPN. It's been amazing and very helpful so far and I'd like to thank you all for the always constructive comments that you provide. I'm looking forward to see much more of each member's work and get continuously inspired by other pairs of eyes.

To be continued.... !

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WOW  You have been around.

I am dizzy just from reading where you have been and you are what 24.

Well I think it's Fantastic that you have been able to see so much.

You have a good eye

you show us in your photography stories which makes it interesting to look at the photographs.

This is how I see them Wink

I am happy that you are learning from others on this wonderfull site and

as I wrote on my photo

When in ISRAEL contact me

Good Luck


Welcome to TPN!

What a fascinating life you have lived already at the "tender age" of 24. Live Avi, I am dizzy from reading of all the places you have travelled. I can't wait to see more of your images and follow your growth as a photographer.


Yikes....and I thought I was doing well!   It it exciting to see that you are truly enjoying the world around you and soaking it all in.  You seem to have a wonderful touch from you images of what you are doing and expressing those places effectively.  I too am anxious to see you grow with photography and experince these places as you post them.  Great to see you out of hiding too!    It would really be great to sit with you someday over a cup of tea and talk about all of your experiences and travel.   Great to have you aboard!  If ever in Singapore...just shout!

 wow, .. and welcome to the network Alice....

and you really do cover travel.... as your photos illustrate... 

if you ever decide to come to Southern Africa, you are welcome to contact me.. 

in the meantime keep those photos coming and let us hear some of your stories..