Sheep Shelter
This is a sheep shelter on the Yorkshire moor, just north of Hawnby. There were no sheep in it, but about a minute after I took this picture a blizzard of wet snow made it very unpleasant, so I retreated a couple of miles to the warmth of my car. I fully understand that the wintry weather makes these things vital for survival of the sheep in this area.

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Tue Dec 13, '11 06:41AM
Uploaded By: Ruud van Ruitenbeek  


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Media ID 20111215090654413  
Date Tue Dec 13, '11 06:41AM
Comments 6
Views 1307
Uploaded By Ruud van Ruitenbeek
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Really nice photo, Ruud, to me it conveys such a desolate and barren mood; it speaks of solitude and antiquity. This is what I always imagine when I conjure up the craggy British hinterlands, but somehow I never see images like this except here on TPN (and only by you and Rob S., for the most part). I am compelled by this photograph because of that mood it evokes, and I find this work to be a great success.

Two questions - is that foreboding sky retouched or did you leave it as is? It's the finishing touch for me. Also, how do these sheep protecting pens work?? Do they offer respite from horizontal winds or something?

Thanks Patrick. The sheep can get some protecting from the wind in these things, but that's all, here is no roof. About ten/twelve of them can huddle together for warmth. When there is a real blizzard going for a while they often end up totally covered in a kind of natural igloo. The sky is mostly the result of the Lightroom grad filter, a great tool. I am not totally happy with this implementation, it looks a bit too even and unnatural. I may have a go at it later and will post the result.


Nice photo, although these look like shooting butts to me rather than sheep shelters

Regards Matt

Ruud, I really like the pops for me so much more.   And...filters ARE so much fun!!  :-)

 That is my kind of photo Ruud ;-)


Wonderful!  Need to get back into the hills myself!