Dark crossing
Bridges seem to have been quite popular in this challenge. The Chain Bridge, first bridge on the Danube in Budapest and one of the largest in the world at the time.

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Wed Nov 23, '11 10:24AM
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Media ID 20111214144315486  
Date Wed Nov 23, '11 10:24AM
Comments 2
Views 1148
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I'm surprised there are no other comments on this. I think you've done a nice job of capturing this at a time of night when there is still some lovely blue in the sky. My only nit is that the top line of lights leave the edge of the frame too and the far endpoint is a bit high in the frame. Pointing the camera more upward would move everything down in the frame. You would get those top line of lights closer to the viewer, and that far end of the bridge would go nicely in the bottom right third of the frame. The top line of lights would make a very nice diagonal across the frame. And you would capture more of the captivating sky color (and less of the dark, empty area under the bridge).

 I agree and I actually played around with it after posting this version.

Reframing it really strengthened the compostion.