Bill Sofer
My first camera was an Argus C2 (a C3 without flash capability). I bought it used. Must have cost $10. Back in the 1950's when I was a teenager, my parents built a darkroom for me in the cellar of our apartment house in Brooklyn where I did black and white processing. In those days, I felt that I did well if I successfully made one reasonably good 8x10 enlargement a night. Hurray for digital cameras and Photoshop!

I'm now retired. I was a Professor of Genetics at Rutgers University. Besides photography, my interests include writing, computer programming, teaching molecular genetics (to "old folks" and high school age kids), and traveling.

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Tue Feb 01, '11 11:40AM
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Date Tue Feb 01, '11 11:40AM
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Uploaded By William Sofer
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Welcome to TPN! You must have seen some really amazing advances in Genetics Research in your career. Its great to have you here and put a face to the name.

Hi Bill, welcome to TPN. I am really looking forward to seeing your work here!

I already like what you have done with this self-portrait - interesting mood you are conveying. I also like your use of the watercolor filter, which has done wonders for some of my photos too. I even use it as a sharpening tool for images that I feel are too soft. It's definitely one of the hidden gems of the PS filters and I always like to see others using it as you have done here.

Blll, I look forward to seeing more as what you have posted so far has been great.   Interesting career and I imagine you have seen a revolution of changes, theories and other things.   Do you still research at all or get involved?