This was a picture from a photo shoot assignment. We were asked to take a picture of Stevie Ray Vaughan's statue in Austin, TX at night. A black statue in the dark!

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Sun Dec 11, '11 02:08PM
Uploaded By: William Sofer  


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Media ID 20111211140844342  
Date Sun Dec 11, '11 02:08PM
Comments 5
Views 1540
Uploaded By William Sofer
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Hi William, welcome to TPN! This is a great start as for me this photo is terrific!

That's quite a challenge you received with this assignment and this result is so successful. What a masterful concept to use the backlighting of Austin's towering skyline to distinguish your foreground subject.

I also happen to love your subject. I'll never forget the day of SRV's fatal plane crash and I am so happy to see this statue of him in Austin. Thanks for posting here!

William, that is a tough assignment but you nailed it! Good job leaving some detail in the statue.

Well done! I too was a big Stevie Ray Vaughan fan. I saw him perform a couple of times - once with Jeff Beck. Once he kicked all his deamons he was a real talent. Definitely a life taken too soon. Great capture.

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Very impressive and good to see you posting images.   I agree with all other comments, but also wanted to say great work on all aspects as the dusk sky is nice and flat with no apparent grain.  I like the amount of depth you applied with the background building and the detail..excellent.  Hope to see more of your work!   Austin rocks musically and nice to see this done at such a great city as this. 

 One of the best shots I have seen - of a black statue in the dark .. Smile Looking forward to see more of your work on TPN Smile