A Moment in Mexico
Taken from the balcony of my room in a Cancun hotel where I was staying for the wedding of a friend. This is a single shot taken with a Vari-ND filter dialed way down to allow for a slow shutter in bright light.

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Mon Nov 14, '11 01:49PM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20111208235317333  
Date Mon Nov 14, '11 01:49PM
Comments 7
Views 1286
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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I would have preferred a roomier composition here, with the FG palm a little less centered and the BG couple a little less marginal. Honestly this shot isn't even one of my top five favorites from this destination, and the quick jaunt to Mexico also wasn't a distant enough journey to qualify as my own personal "trip of the year" for 2011.

But life throws out curveballs sometimes, and this trip will forever hold a poignant memory for me. Ten days after the wedding on the beach pictured here, my grand old friend's brand new bride suddenly passed away in the night. For him and for everyone who attended the wedding, it was an unimaginable tragedy.

Life is fleeting, and it can often be unbalanced and dizzying. This photograph speaks of that for me.

Wow....I cannot imagine the impact this would have on your friend.    Knowing you, I imagine he has excellent support.   Yes....life throws its big curveball when you expect a fastball and this is when you kiss and hug your family extra hard.   

Regarding this image...I do not mind the palm tree location in the frame and the background is ok too, but my only nitpick is the dead palm branch hanging down.  I imagine too hard to clone out, but the rest of the tree with its movement is very nice.   Great to have the couple there too positioned nicely.  

What a sad story. My heart goes out to you and the groom/family. I like the position of the couple on the beach, but the loss of detail in the sea is a drawback IMHO.

Patrick, I like the photo and the movement captured with the slow shutter speed. Overall, the image looks a bit dark to me, but could be my monitor here at work. Or perhaps you meant to keep it dark, better fitting with the sad story that comes with the image.

Thanks very much Richard, Bob and Joe for the comments.


I could definitely clone out that dead palm branch like it was never there, and I do go in for that kinda thing normally. But the organic symbolism spoke to me I guess.
The movement in the sea felt important because I did not want a static image, except on the couple. I did want a longer exposure, but all I could get at ISO 50, f/32, +7 stops ND filter...was 1 second. Luckily it was windy.
The image is definitely a bit dark and also unevenly lit, due to my incomplete work in post.
I left a lot of potential and unfinished business in this photo, as an homage to the lost bride. I really appreciate hearing all of your reactions to it.
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That is absolutely tragic. How unfortunate for everyone. While you may not call it the "Trip of the Year", I'm sure for everyone it will be the most memorable.

 Thanks Walter. This trip will absolutely be the one that stands out most in my memory. It didn't seem likely to stack up that way until afterward of course, but now there will never be any doubt that this was my most memorable travel experience of 2011.