Yellow Datsun !
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Mon Dec 05, '11 09:47AM
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Media ID 20111205200814648  
Date Mon Dec 05, '11 09:47AM
Comments 2
Views 3017
Keywords car,oblivion,nature, landscape, leaves
Uploaded By unknown
Aperture Value f//22
Date/Time Mon Dec 05, '11 11:47AM
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Flash No Flash
Focal Length 10 mm
ISO 100
Make Pentax
Metering Mode Center Weighted Average
Model PENTAX K-r
Sensing Method One Chip Color Area Sensor
Shutter Speed Value 1/15 sec
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Hi Fokion, The shadow here plays a very good prominent role in the image and I like the setting you have. Did you try taking a shot to the right more with the car on the left side of the image? Was there anything to the right that would not work? I thought the rope (?) at the left was a distracting to me and I personally like to see the front of the car have "space" in front of own personal feeling here. THen..give this some more color and saturation to make it sing...especially the car. Again...I like the composition and effect you are achieving and others may totally differ in their comments. :-)

Edited on Tuesday, December 06 2011 @ 05:41 AM EST by rpschoettger

 Hi Richard 

Thank you for your commentary ! Yes I did try the angle you suggested but it was not giving me a good feeling .......I actually have couple of different shots of the same subject, but finally I choose this one you see ! I was tempted from the straight shadow of tree behind which ends up on the truck of the car and has a straight alignment with the tree at the opposite side....... Which gives perspective and depth on a diagonal direction and connotate that the subject is sitting in between surrounding trees !

In regards to saturation are correct ! I tried that and works really well !