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Jumping The Weir
Spent a weekend in Ludlow and saw the salmon trying to jump the weir to get to their spawning grounds further up the river. I must have watched 60 or 70 jumps and only saw one salmon make it (not the attempt in this shot.)

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Comments 2
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Media ID 20111205163206345 
Sat Dec 03, '11 10:49AM
Uploaded By: Ruud van Ruitenbeek  


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Media ID 20111205163206345  
Date Sat Dec 03, '11 10:49AM
Comments 2
Views 559
Uploaded By Ruud van Ruitenbeek
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Richard P Schoettger

Tuesday, December 06 2011 @ 05:47 AM EST

OK...I do not know a weir.   Is that a man-made falls?  Looked that the water is running over an artificial type structure.  Yes...I have watched salmon in Alaska doing the same thing and I actually started feeling so helpless for these guys...fatigued too!  Were there any preditors around to take advantage of this?  WHere is this exactly??   My only other comment is that the image seems too dark on my monitor.   Possibly give it a little lift in brightness???  

Ruud van Ruitenbeek

Tuesday, December 06 2011 @ 07:15 AM EST

"A weir is a small overflow dam used to alter the flow characteristics of a river or stream. In most cases weirs take the form of a barrier across the river that causes water to pool behind the structure (not unlike a dam), but allows water to flow over the top. Weirs are commonly used to alter the flow regime of the river, prevent flooding, measure discharge and to help render a river navigable." Wikipedia

It was late winter afternoon so it was quite dark and the mood of that time is reflected better by not brightening it up, I think. As far as the predator is concerned have a look at my next upload!