Chellah Necropolis, Rabat, Morocco
Abandoned nearly a thousand years ago and reoccupied since by storks.

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Wed Aug 05, '09 12:25AM
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Media ID 20111201112300483  
Date Wed Aug 05, '09 12:25AM
Comments 3
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Hi Alice,

I like the composition here with where you put the door and minaret in their respective thirds.  Great balance.  The details are also quite good to show off the decay.  I may try darkening the skies and clouds more and bring the colors and texture out in the building more to really give it a kick.   Mostly though, I really enjoy seeing images from other places in the world I have not been to and Morocco is high on my list to do, so thanks a ton for posting this (I value this more than the actual photo qualities). 

Hi Alice! I like the composition a lot, exactly as noted above by Richard. To add to that, for me this seems like a great candidate to try B&W conversion.

I don't see that the color version adds to the visual interpretation of the shot (reflective of reality though it obviously is), whereas the myriad ancient tales that are clearly implied by this locale would for me probably be more strongly suggested by the starkness of the B&W format.

Food for thought, anyway. It's an awesome location you shot here and I would love to visit it sometime.

 Thank you both !

Comments duely noted, I will try both options and see how it turns out. 

Morocco was indeed an amazing place but all things considered I think I liked Tunisia even more, especially the south part and its archeological sites, completely ignored by the crowds of tourists privileging the beaches in the North.