Howth, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Lighthouse in Howth Harbour. Despite the many faraway and amazing trips of this year, I think Ireland stole my heart with its tormented skies, rough seas, sheer cliffs and verdant hills.

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Sat Feb 12, '11 08:20AM
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Media ID 20111201111309947  
Date Sat Feb 12, '11 08:20AM
Comments 2
Views 901
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Couldn't agree more about the rugged beauty of Ireland! It's my homeland and I am proud of it in so many aspects.

In this image I am distracted by the lack of detail in the FG and that streak of, I am guessing contrails, across the sky.

I would boost the shadow detail ain post, and clone out the contrail if it were me. But I will never complain about seeing travel photos of the Emerald Isle! Thanks for posting.

Lovely landscape / seascape .... The blue is looking so pure and ethereal .. Must try to make it to Ireland someday! Good photo !