Old Sailor
A old fishing boat in Lagos, Portugal. I uploaded this previously to Ships and Boats but it seemed to fit right in on the Decay theme. Hope that is allowed.

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Tue Aug 23, '11 05:43AM
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Media ID 20111130134202364  
Date Tue Aug 23, '11 05:43AM
Comments 4
Views 947
Uploaded By unknown
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I find this quite interesting Jim in where the boat is positioned on the steps.  Is that permanent?  I like the colors in the boat too and I am actually a big fan of selective coloring, but I find that the right side seems too bright and detracts from the boat.   Perhaps calm that down?  It would be also interesting to see the true background color and perhaps desaturate a little to de-emphaize as opposed to the pure B&W.  But this is certainly colorful decay! 

The boat is just in the middle of this ramp like it was left there or as a piece of art but no sign or plaque. I like your idea on the changes. I will play with those. thanks JC

JIm, missed seeing this one before, so I'm glad you posted it again. I like the colors and your selective coloring treatment. My only suggestion would be to add a little more "breathing room" on the top (if you cropped) so the top, front of the boat isn't encroaching on the frame edge.

Hi Jim! Like Joe, I also missed this before, but I like it in this category, and just in general.

I am imagining that the rest of the scene which is not this boat, is rather monochromatic anyway. So I'm not sure whether the separation and desaturation is even necessary here, but I do think the effect is resonant. If the effect is available organically then I might just go with that.

But I am never one to gainsay creative effects in post! So please understand that I do like what you've done here ;-)