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Phil Meyer
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One telling of the tale of a Japanese Maple Tree.

Image 429 of 682
Comments 5
Views 864
Media ID 20111128214447763 
Fri Nov 27, '09 11:48AM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20111128214447763  
Date Fri Nov 27, '09 11:48AM
Comments 5
Views 864
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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Richard P Schoettger

Tuesday, November 29 2011 @ 04:46 AM EST


I love the colors here.  What was the lens you used?  I also sort of got that creepy-crawly feeling that the red leaves were marching towards you hooked on some magnet or something.   The whole image though is very refreshing (something that does not happen here in Singapore!) and I can smell the leaves and fresh air...thanks for that!!  I love this shot.

Patrick Flynn

Friday, December 02 2011 @ 07:28 PM EST

Richard: 14mm rectilinear "L" lens, thanks for asking.


Saturday, December 03 2011 @ 12:18 PM EST



 I like this picture because it succeeds to convey many info/feelings about the subject, which is a very small piece of the whole property and which lacks natural perspective

How I feel about it ??

Private space “do not trespass”, a place that has been fallen into oblivion for a long period of time, a corner that has at least one good view….. (therefore the bench, which I suspect is also there for decorative purposes) …… to the otherwise small property area to which it belongs. Owners of the property should be very keen with order and neatness in their own environment as they are also pretty aged !


What you accomplished here is a unique merging of the two halves of this shot …..One which is absolutely static and one which has motion  as the lens distortion ( calculated ) conveys this with the marching leaves. The connecting element in the two halves is definitely the wire messed bench. Also, I noticed that there isn’t any defining line to separate the ground level with the left and right vertical plains, which gives fluidity in the whole composition and it makes it look bigger than it actually is! The only exception is the wooden door sill


Color wise the composition is very warm and inviting and leaves you with a nice balanced feeling !

Good and Complete Frame in a very limited available space !

We are like a thread in a huge fabric of generations !

Patrick Flynn

Sunday, December 04 2011 @ 02:12 PM EST

Thanks Fokion for your expansive commentary - I was certainly correct in assuming that your critiques would be as thoughtful and effective as your photography!

I really appreciate the feedback. Your assumptions are very interesting to me and for the most part they are correct.

My intent here was to isolate a tiny poignant snippet of autumn, and to suggest a story from the elements of the scene. I just walked up on this scene as is and did not place anything within this scene, which normally I am not shy about doing. But it looked to me like these leaves were going to be raked up and then burned, and the color scheme plus the capacity of the scene to create a still life really attracted me.

This photo has been a popular seller in local art festivals, which has surprised me since nobody knows exactly where it is from. It is not an iconic image by any means but it always sems to speak to people more than the iconic images that I do have.

Thanks again Fokion!


Monday, December 05 2011 @ 01:15 PM EST


With all the respect which is your occupation ?

We are like a thread in a huge fabric of generations !