Earth's Ultimate Decay
Sunrise at the Grand Canyon

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Sat Nov 14, '09 06:03PM
Uploaded By: Richard P Schoettger  


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Media ID 20111128194811257  
Date Sat Nov 14, '09 06:03PM
Comments 3
Views 966
Uploaded By Richard P Schoettger
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Is that Twila on the FG rock??

The Belt of Venus is almost always a valuable backdrop, but somehow I feel like this would actually be improved by cropping out the sky altogether! The calustrophobic effect that would deliver feels like it might be perfect for your chosen approach to this illustration.

Beautiful! The promontory where the person is standing provides a good way into the wider landscape.

Did you get a shot without a person, or was it a very busy spot? I think I might prefer it without a person, or at least with someone dressed less conspicuously, as my eye is drawn to the red jacket.

Thanks Patrick and Ruud,

You both bring out two of the most interesting "debates" I typically have with other photographers. To set the stage, this was early sunrise and COLD...FREEZING. There was myself and a professional photographer and his wife from Europe. He put his wife out there (gutsy call on my part). I asked if ok to shoot and he was fine. Now, they purposely had her wear red to make sure she is noticed and distinctive. Give proportion to the canyon. I actually can go either way with this Ruud and took some without her too...but in this case, I like her in it. I just have not tried calming her red jacket down yet. Perhaps that is next.

Regarding hacking off the sky at the top....I am always tortured by this with MANY images of the Grand Canyon and other places. I have not tried to crop this image yet (I will soon), but my eyes like the "release" of the sky from the canyon. But, I am somewhat a maybe that has something to do with it.

In Shangai on business now...may try to redo later and post.....Thanks again.

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